Charge your iPhone three times faster with these two accessories

Apple really irritates us sometimes. Many of the company’s policies are surprisingly pro-consumer. Then Apple goes and cheaps out on its chargers, packing a 5W wall adapter in its boxes with iPhones that support 18W fast charging. It’s so annoying, but alas, if you want to fast-charge your iPhone you’ll have to buy some upgraded […]


Weight Loss: Include These Low Energy Density Foods In Your Diet

Weight loss and fitness become buzzwords at the start of every year. But even as we enter the second month of the New Year, many of us are struggling to clean our diets out and get adequate workout. Exercise and diet are both important to stay fit, but many health experts have argued that diet […]


These stores are offering the best Black Friday deals for 2018

Many seasoned shoppers know that Black Friday — the day after Thanksgiving, this year Nov. 23 — is a great day to score deep discounts on everything from clothes to tech gadgets. But figuring out where to get the best deals can be challenging. Personal finance website WalletHub’s new study sheds light on the sea […]


These 5 hot industries are a safe bet for a career that’s future-proof

Source: Walmart A Brain Corp. autonomous floor scrubber, called an Auto-C, cleans the aisle of a Walmart store. As the globe becomes more technologically oriented, automation and artificial intelligence are replacing millions of jobs. According to the recent McKinsey Global Institute Report, 375 million jobs will vanish by 2030. Yet there is some good news […]